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Global Tours is operating as a Destination Management Company and is partner to numerous well known International Tour Operators, Agencies and Incentive houses. Since more than a decade we combine the famous Arabian hospitality with the experience and knowledge of a team of international tourism professionals.

From the early days we concentrated on giving our tours that certain something which makes them different to others, as well we are known in the market for the quality of our in-house guides which serve our clients at present in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

The Sultanate of Oman

Experience a country where traditional Arabic culture and modern comforts exist next to each other amicably and revive this country its very own character.

Just about three decades back the country was still closed for tourists, whereas now, it is welcoming its visitors from different cultures and religions open minded and interested. Feel the worldwide vaunted Arabic hospitality in its pristine type throughout your whole stay!

Let us surprise you by the variety of landscapes and the unspoiled scenic attractions of this country such as white sandy beaches, vast deserts with golden sand dunes, the wadis with their deep gorges, green oases and natural pools or the exciting landscapes of the Hajar Mountains - to name a few.

On the cultural side, Oman’s rich heritage features a number of ancient sites. Old villages, forts and castles built in traditional loam architecture are Oman's most striking cultural landmarks.